Truck wash lease: the answer to your fleet’s cleaning needs?

April 26 2021
Truck wash

Ensuring the best quality wash possible is a top priority for anyone operating a fleet of trucks or lorries. Sparkling clean liveries are vital for your company’s image, while it's essential to guarantee a hygienic environment for whatever payload your trucks transport.

Choosing the right option to achieve this high standard of cleaning can be difficult:

  • Manual cleaning is time consuming, heavy on labour costs and can give inconsistent results.
  • Paying another company to wash or service your fleet on their site can be logistically challenging and a drain on finances.
  • Installing your own high-quality truck wash system on-site will produce the best results, but may be too big an investment for your business.

However, there is an appealing option for companies wanting the best in wash quality and convenience, but who are not able to commit to buying a new system outright. Installing a truck wash system on a long-term lease is a more cost-effective way for many companies to take care of their washing commitments.

How does truck wash leasing work?

Leasing allows companies to install an automatic truck wash system on their site while avoiding the up-front expenditure traditionally associated with such machines. It’s an option that is particularly attractive for operators of small and medium-sized fleets, giving them a top-end system without a large initial outlay that might be hard to justify given their fleet size.

If you’re wondering how truck wash leasing could work for your fleet, the process is simple:

  1. The wash system is installed bespoke to the requirements of your fleet (the long term nature of the lease means the machine can be optimised to the exact specifications you need).
  2. The system supplier retains ownership of the equipment, while you pay only a flat annual fee as well as the cost of water, electricity, wash chemicals and other consumables.

Advantages of a truck wash lease

Leasing an automatic truck wash system has several core benefits for your business:

  • Quality and consistency. The best machines for commercial fleets such as Wilcomatic’s range of Christ gantry wash systems are packed full of technology to guarantee a top quality wash every time. You’ll certainly notice the step up from manual cleaning.
  • Cost-efficiency. Leasing an automatic truck wash system is significantly more affordable than the prices charged by third-party fleet washing companies, while it removes the need to pay up-front for your own machine.
  • Flexibility. Your new wash system is yours to use how you please! It allows you to clean your fleet on a schedule that is most suitable to your business patterns, and to the exact standard you require.

Cost-per-wash from Wilcomatic

At Wilcomatic, we understand that buying a truck wash system outright isn’t for every fleet operator. That’s why we offer our own leasing option on all our machines - ‘cost-per-wash’.

‘Cost-per-wash’ guarantees the same high level of planning, implementation and maintenance support you’d expect if you were purchasing from Wilcomatic. Our long-term leases mean you can transform the quality and speed of your fleet washing at a highly competitive monthly fee; it’s the perfect option for the best in automatic truck washing at a price that doesn’t cost the earth.

Get in touch with the Wilcomatic team to learn more about our ‘cost-per-wash’ leasing plans.

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