Fleet wash leasing: more cost-effective washing when budgets are tight

October 7 2021

Fleet managers are constantly faced with the challenge of balancing budgets. It’s why they are always on the lookout for smart ways to reduce their vehicle, fuel, workforce and maintenance costs among many others.

Washing the vehicles in your fleet is one of the most important aspects of fleet management - and as such requires sufficient attention. Businesses with growing fleets recognise the benefits of investing in an onsite automatic wash system for reducing overall wash times and increasing cost efficiency when compared to paying a third party to handle wash duties.

Many managers of growing fleets are often unable to justify the outlay of an automatic wash system given the size of their capital expenditure budget - even though the machinery can help facilitate growth in the long term. However, it is possible to overcome this problem by adjusting your purchasing model in favour of more operational spending.

This guide explains why it can be beneficial for fleet managers to tilt the balance of their spending in this way, and how this can enable them to invest in a better, more cost-efficient wash for their vehicles.

How wash system leasing can help you maximise your fleet's budget  Fleet wash systems are usually considered a capital expense - but using your  operational budget instead can make them more cost-effective. Find out how in  the new guide. Download

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